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    When we couldn’t find a well made fish bag back in 2003 we decided to make one of our own. We had made a bag the way we needed it for our fishing needs and realized that there wasn’t anything like it out there. We decided to try and just sell a few and figured if it catches on, great! But if not, no biggie, because we now had the best fish bag on the market in our hands!

    Months went by and we were starting to realize that this little “hobby” was slowly turning into a little bit more. That’s when Reliable Fishing Products was created! We knew that we weren’t the only people out there that needed such a reliable, well made and durable fish bag! Our first fish bag went from being available in just a couple different sizes to now available in 9 total; along with 2 different size kayak bags and 2 blankets.

    Our bags hold more fish and alleviate the smells associated with putting fish in your fish holds. They hold ice for days, collapse for easy storage and have a drain plug for an easy clean! We made our bags with functionality in mind and now make the best on the market!

    We can guarantee you that when using our bags; you will have the freshest most well taken care of catch that is ready to be devoured at your dinner table!